Things To Avoid And Look Out For When Onboarding A New Client.

When it comes to running a digital marketing company, we consider who we work with just as important as the work we do. We get lots of inquiries, but not every inquiry that lands in our inbox are a good fit, and not every client is the right one for us. Unfortunately, many of us realize this once it’s too late.



When you start a business you want to believe that anyone can be a good client if you approach them the right way. But that is not the problem, the truth is that some clients just aren’t the right ones for you.

Figuring that out shall be a game-changer for your business. Having figured this out every client we’ve taken on has taught us a bit more about what we should look for in our clients, and a list of wonderful clients is all we want, right? So how can you tell if a new inquiry will be an amazing fit or not for you?





Uninspired or brief inquiries can be a sign of poor communication skills on the part of the potential client if they don’t have the time or energy to follow up and get things moving, how do you think the rest of the process will go?



Being a Digital Marketing agency we provide a complete range of services to clients from logo design to brand development and “just a logo.”  may sound picky or unreasonable to some, but clients that make this request usually aren’t interested in the strategy, care, and collaboration required to create a truly successful brand identity. They are only looking for a shortcut to the end result.



The main point we explain to our clients is that creating a stunning graphic or custom brand identity is a process, and as such it takes time, rushing isn’t an option. If a client just wants the work to ‘get done’ without putting in the necessary time to create something amazing together, then they’re not the right client for you. However this isn’t an excuse to miss deadlines. Deadlines must be set with realistic time frames to ensure that you and the client are aware of when work will be completed.



At Hypercube Technologies, we put in quality and time in the work we do. If a client isn’t willing to invest in the quality of a custom brand identity, or finds it too expensive and wants the same quality for cheaper, then odds are they don’t appreciate the value of what you’re creating for them.



When a client isn’t clear about their own target audience, values, brand or doesn’t know what they want they need to do some digging before working with a digital agency. While we can help with some discovery and brand clarity we can’t define their business for them. These aren’t always a “no” but definitely warrant a “not right now.”



Anytime we find out that we’ll be designing for a brand with multiple owners, it’s a sign to proceed with caution. If you are designing for multiple owners you need to set a single point of contact for the whole project, one designated person who will approve your designs and take decisions. A lot of owners bring different opinions and end up creating more damage.



So now that We’ve given you a lengthy list of our red flags for clients, you’re probably wondering if there are any good ones left. So what does a great client look like for us?

  • Visibly excited, a pleasure to work with, and submits whatever we need to know about the brand on time.
  • Ready to invest in cohesive brand identity and understands the logo is only the beginning.
  • A clear vision and direction for their business.
  • A solid business foundation backed by experience.
  • Understands her/his target audience
  • Solid communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Trusts us and our process.
  • If there’s more than one owner, they’re prepared to communicate with one unified voice (most often through one person).
  • A like-minded individual who shares the same values.
  • Someone who wants to work with us specifically.

Of course, many of us have said yes to more than a few clients who weren’t right for us and realized too late. We know it’s tempting to blame the client but it’s not their fault, maybe you didn’t set expectations properly or should not have taken them on board in the first place. It may be tough but we hope with these tips going forward you’ll be that much wiser. Fill those gaps in your process. And next time, hold out for the right fit instead.