Should we promote Digital Marketing During COVID19

There’s nothing else we can talk about it, is there?

The big CoVID-19 has hit us all! As the world takes a pause, we wonder …. Is it okay to keep promoting our stuff?

The short answer? Yes. Absolutely…

If we are not marketing ourselves, we are not making money. And, if we are not making money, we can’t stay in business very long. By promoting our products and services, we are showing our audience how they can support us and help keep us in business. Remember: The Quarantine Won’t Last Forever. We need to engage with our audience and not be forgotten in the meantime. Alternatively, we can use this time to upgrade our Brand/Company profile – Update the website, refresh social media pages, and interact with our customers online, we need to re-work our current strategies & budgets to fit the present situation.

Here are three themes we recommend brands to consider on social during this weird, weird time:


  • Be a force for good

Healthcare workers need all the help they can receive to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, and Crocs are stepping forward to help.

Research conducted found the majority of the population (92%) did not think that brands should stop advertising all together during the crisis, however, for a brand that does choose to communicate to audiences about the crisis, its message must be supportive of local governments’ and health organizations while staying true to their brand values. Example. Crocs give away free Clogs to health workers, JBL adapts logo to encourage people to #StayHome




  • Put your audience first

Make your content authentic, more relatable, and connect with your audience

To be honest, you should always put your audience first but right now it’s more important than ever before to truly understand what they want to see from your branded content. This will be vastly different per brand so we don’t claim to own the golden playbook as it’s not a one size fits all strategy. However, a couple of things you could consider is making your content authentic, more relatable, being interactive and connecting with your audience, knowing where your audience is spending their time online ie, video chats, apps, etc.  so roll up your sleeves and get creative in between your own four walls!



  • Get creative with content

Things like Face filters, branded effects on TikTok, etc. are content that users are highly engaged with at the moment.

Things like Face filters on Instagram, branded effects on TikTok, and GIFs for WhatsApp and IG stories are another level of real-time social content that users are highly engaged with at the moment whilst at home. Mainly, it keeps people entertained but, on another level, if it’s creative enough, the sticker will be spread far and wide beyond your initial follower-base. You can also explore AR and VR experiences that bring the outside world inside and as well as giving people a taste of what things are like outside of their four walls, AR/VR experiences add a level of interactivity that we are all craving whilst sitting at home. Try live broadcasts with live Q&As, workouts, games, and more, we think you will see a great return on your efforts.



Your audience now cares mostly about those doing good and so we encourage brands to be confident in their messaging and be brave with their creative so they don’t get lost in the sea of sameness. You can’t help anyone if you’re not in business. Hang in there. We’re all in this together.