Important Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2020

The new year already has begun. As mentioned before the field of digital marketing is perpetually changing. Keep yourself updated constantly with trends, facts, statistics, and integration of the latest customer patterns into your strategic plan to ensure your business gains exposure and grows to new heights. We at Hypercube technologies a digital marketing firm have decided to round up a few of the important trends that the online marketing world is looking at this year.


1. Chatbots 

By now we all know that personalizing relationships with customers is crucial to building and sustaining a loyal customer base and conversation is key. Conversation, also, can also be the foundation of creating new clients.  With technology’s increasing prevalence today, the conversation can now be independent of human effort and personalizing it has never been easier. In fact, surveys tell us that chatbots are going to enable 85% of customer service by the end of 2020


2. Voice Search

As voice technology keeps improving and connected devices like Alexa or Google Assitant keep adding and enhancing voice-enabled functions, how many of the Internet users today do you think still depend on traditional text search? Voice search is gaining popularity today. In fact, recent stats will tell you that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, which means that your SEO strategy will have to be made more voice search-friendly.


3. Interactive Content 

As a Social Media Marketer, creating and developing engaging content is getting increasingly difficult, irrespective of the platform. In order to get and retain a user’s attention, it’s important to create and publish unique content that not only stands out from the millions of other companies but also encourages interaction, which is crucial if one is to retain a user’s otherwise fleeting attention. Think fun videos, quizzes, polls, and surveys. 


4. Video Marketing 

Video marketing has been gaining a lot of traction lately with the production of video-content becoming increasingly affordable as well as accessible. From how to do it videos, to DIY clips and food videos, this is a trend that’s going to be around for at least the next 5 to 10 years. Whether you’re talking about increasing your reach or engagement, building trust, or becoming more SEO-friendly, video marketing is an important part of that strategy.


5. Influencers.

Influencer marketing is not a new concept, but overusing this concept for clients can decrease the effectiveness. So what do we do in terms of influencer marketing? First and foremost the word-of-mouth marketing strategy is going to have to evolve with the times, smaller influencers are not only cost-efficient but they target a more niche crowd, the smaller the audience the higher the chance the influencer in question has a more meaningful relationship (and, therefore, higher impact) with his follower-base. Also being a niche crowd this audience is more likely to follow and buy your product. 


Let’s make this year count, if you haven’t yet incorporated these trends into your digital marketing strategy, it’s still not too late to do so.