Enhance your Email marketing

With advances in social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such, we should not forget one of the earliest and foremost methods of digital marketing and that is EMAIL.

Email marketing is a very useful tool to have in your repertoire when it comes to digital marketing. One of the key tools to an effective marketing strategy is lead generation and conversion. While it’s important to gather leads from different sources, making sure you convert good quality leads is of greater priority. Many a times once a lead has been generated, there needs to be a follow up to ensure that there is conversion. An important tool in this regard is an automated emailing system. Companies are now enabling the help of various CRMs (Customer Relationship systems) to help ensure good customer relationships, to help convert potential customers and also to engage with customers.

We at Hypercube Technologies would like to offer a few simple steps which ensure that your email marketing campaigns do well:

Make sure the email being sent out is personalized.
  1. A simple exercise would be to ensure that the email sent out contains the person’s first name. Many CRMs allow you to do this whilst sending out your campaign’s mails.
  2. Many companies use ‘pop-ups’ or ‘forms’ to gather information. Forms can be cumbersome and many people tend to avoid using them especially if they are boring or too lengthy. Pop ups help to serve better in this case as they are simple with just one or two parameters. You could gather the email id and person’s name with a good pop up. Once they do send you a mail, more information can then be gleaned from the client using engaging methods to grab their attention.
Email personalization
Ensure that the email sent is precise and to the point.
  1. A good marketing email will be precise and contain the information needed in crisp and clear language.
  2. The content needs to also be visually appealing, which would mean bright colours, pictures and not too much text to clutter the page.
Email precision
Emails should be always content rich or deliver content offers.
  1. People want to see good content, it would be prudent to keep this in mind while sending out emails with a goal in mind. For example: If you’re a food-based company dealing with nutritional food, an email once a month talking about healthy food consumption to live a good life will always be something that
    subscribers will want to read.
  2. It also ensures that you have good inbox credibility; which is basically the desire of the recipient of the email to engage with you. Good inbox credibility ensures that your marketing campaign mails don’t end up in the SPAM folder.
Email content
A single good email can be the founding block for further ones.
  1. A good way to ensure that your emails are constantly going into the inbox is by asking clients to whitelist your account.
  2. The first email you send needs to capture the customers attention and once that is done, do ask them to whitelist you, so that they see more content from you.

email blocks

We wish you the best with your next email, which could be the start of a whole new chapter for your business.