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Case Studies of Our Restaurant Successes

Finding the right digital marketing agency isn’t easy. As a client, there are so many things to think about, like whether the agency can actually deliver on their promises, or if they will lead your brand to a loss. Once you’ve narrowed down your selected few, you might be thinking of other questions like, what is the reasonable price for a good agency or whether you need one in the first place.

At Hypercube Technologies, we work and improve the brand along with the client, everything right from their website to their social media handles, brand visibility through PR, and google business is handled by us, and our success rate is high. Below, we’ve added a few of the case studies for brands that we’ve worked for. Do get in touch with our marketing consultants for further queries.


1. Route 66

The Steak at Route 66 is a must try.

A classic American experience unlike any other.

When we began working with this restaurant in Panjim, the owner and head chef  Xavs Norr wanted to promote his place and bring in more people that enjoyed great American cuisine, good music, and tasty cocktails. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, Chef Xavs Norr provided a gourmet experience unlike any other. We started off by creating a classy Instagram and Facebook layout with personalized content that aimed at getting guests to the restaurant.

Thinking about that melt in your mouth burger patty.

Burgers definitely not for the faint-hearted.

We began to have comedy night, quiz night, and live music night on a weekly basis and chose artists that would appeal to the eclectic local community. Our team did regular photoshoots and ensured the dishes and drinks were updated monthly, along with the new breakfast menu that was marketed on Radio Indigo. In short, we promoted the venue as a laid back must-visit place all year round.

Route 66 introduced breakfast with a twist.

There’s no better way to start your day than with a delicious brunch.


In the first two months, we faced a few challenges post which we saw a steady and rapid increase in traffic not to mention customer reviews. The events took off on a positive note and the place was filled with around people for every event. To add to this we saw an increase in the number of influencers visiting the restaurant and the user experience increased. This was all achieved in a record six-month phase.


2. Tanggies Restaurant

Smooth, tempting and sophisticated - that's how we define whiskey

From specialty cocktails and craft beer, Tanggies has it all.

The start of something big! Tanggies was founded by a local goan family who loves Goan food and wanted to share their experience with the rest of the world. The owner’s concept was a solid one right from the start, he wanted to promote his brand and services on all social media handles, work together on marketing, media relations as well as events. Using creative content, graphic design, and marketing as well as Instagram stories, we were able to skyrocket the reach and engagement within a period of five months.

this plate of tender, delicious Mediterranean Beef steak

The Mediterranean Herb Steak is a hot menu favorite!

Results –

Using Social Media we created an awareness of the brand Tanggies as well as their services and events in the market. We reached out to existing offline as well as target audiences online through google ads as well as social media promotions. The number of customers increased as well as the engagement online, all of this organically – it was a fun and challenging project at hand.


3. Square Sparrow

These crunchy Fish and Chips are everything

This Prawn Stir Fry goes perfectly well with a chilled beer.

Having worked with this restaurant soon after it opened, we adhered to the high standards of branding while promoting the best Indian cuisine. While numbers speak for themselves, the behind-the-scenes growth took time. We first created all the social media handles as well as their google business account and make sure our team did regular photoshoots for the same. When working with a brand as professional as Square Sparrow we made sure that the content, ads, and campaigns released were unique and targetted the right audience. As part of our marketing strategy, our team helped plan events and showed up to make sure the event was a success.

Whether you’re celebrating or drowning your sorrows, we have a drink (or 3) ready for you.

Take your pick from our signature shots.

Results –

During the first three months, we saw an increase in the engagement of online as well as offline audiences from different parts of India. The online reviews increased and we started getting offers from national influencers who could not wait to try the food. We’re proud to report that the brand has now risen and become one of the go-to places in Anjuna to try Indian cuisine.

Try our Chicken Rasa, Chicken Handi, Chicken Curry and a lot more!

A multitude of rich, creamy “Indian Curries”.


There are many more brands, but these are just some of the ones we’ve worked with for a longer duration. We can’t wait until the hospitality industry gets back on track and we see many more amazing brands flourish. PS. Get in touch with us for all your photography needs too.