6 Ways to Boost Productivity through your Workday

Employee performance is a growing concern for many businesses and many bosses are going to great lengths to keep their employees happy and productive. For most of us mornings are hard, and trying to stay motivated throughout an entire workday is even harder, the more stressed we are the less amount of work we produce and having the distress of trying to function successfully on workdays ourselves, we put together a few points on how you can increase your productivity at work. Whether you want a promotion or you’re trying to prevent a layoff by making yourself more valuable, increasing productivity is the path to success.


1.  Start the day with your favorites

Love that vintage coffee mug and comfortable socks, or is Netflix and hot tea more of your thing? Whatever makes you enjoy being awake is absolutely the first thing you should reach for in the morning instead of the snooze button. Once you’re awake try finding a way to make yourself accountable for the time you spend. It’s harder to browse Instagram when you know the clock is ticking.


2.  Dress For Success

Sweat pants or a business suit, it’s your call. People judge you on how you present yourself, that includes what you wear, how you wear it, your hygiene, everything. Being dressed professionally also helps in case a client or supervisor called an impromptu in-person work meeting. When you feel good, you produce good work.


3.  Make a Schedule

Take a couple of minutes to write down your goals and work for the day and put it somewhere you can see it in clear sight so if you get distracted you can stay on track. To get more work done in the same amount of time, plan to do your most difficult work during your most productive time of day. While your job may occasionally feel overwhelming, implementing this can have a massive impact on the quality and efficiency of your work.


4. Forgive Yourself…

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you don’t stick to your schedule or go away from your plan. Getting bogged down in being disappointed over messing up kills more time and efficiency than straying from a schedule ever does. Try breaking up large tasks into shorter more manageable chunks — to build some scheduled relief into your day.


5.  Take A Break

Remember stepping back from the current situation can make or break your motivation. If you catch yourself getting frustrated, stop, and look at the big picture. Simple ways like getting a cup of coffee, going for a walk, stepping away from your desk can put you in a better frame of mind when you’re feeling stuck. Reassess and move forward!


6. Walk Away At The End

When your workday is over, leave it on your desk. The reason so many people feel burned out is tirelessly working all day and then carrying the same work home with you. Be with your friends and family. Do things that make you happy. Never bring the office home, even if it’s just down the hall. You will feel renewed and be able to give it your best the next day if you give yourself some space.


When staying productive does not come easy. Spoil yourself throughout your day and then put it away when its work time. You will thank yourself for it later. Do you have any productivity tips that you would like to share? We would love to know.